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Video Tutorial: Beginning Swift 2 Part 2: Variables & Constants

Go beyond just values in your Swift 2 playground and look at variables, constants, and a little more about the type system.

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Question for Greg -

When I type β€œlet tipPercentage: Double = 0.15” into the playground, the right panel displays the value β€œ0”. On the video, the same value is displayed as β€œ0.15.”

Can you offer an explanation as to why Xcode would evaluate the same expression differently? I’m using version 7.3.1.



Update. As soon as I assigned a value to the totalBill, tipPercentage changed from 0 to .15. I undid my change, unassigning totalBill, as the tipPercentage did not change back to 0. Have to love the IDE. Oh how I miss Vim and irb.