Video Tutorial: Beginning SpriteKit Part 2: Sprites

Hello friends,
I came across this site only few days ago because I was searching a website that provides well explained and updated courses.
Yesterday I started watching the Beginning SpriteKit course and I didn’t understand the code that the mentor wrote.
I have basic knowledge of Swift and Xcode. For example, in lesson 2 of this course (,
from 3:40.
Do I have to learn another course before watching this one in order to understand?

UP. Please I just want to start learning ):

Hi @kundres and welcome to the forums!

The Beginning SpriteKit course has a prerequisite that you understand some of the basics of Swift, iOS and using Xcode. If you want some more help getting up to speed here then it might be worth checking out the Swift video tutorials or the iOS Apprentice book.

If you are already up to speed with the above and it’s something else that you don’t understand then please could you go into some more details about what exactly you’d like some help with and i’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Thanks and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: