Video Subscription Gone?

I have a yearly video subscription.

Today, when I logged in, I was required to change my password. I did so, but now it appears that my video subscription is gone! I think that all of my book purchases are still there, but not the video.

I know you were doing site maintenance today, did something get inadvertently changed during the maintenance?


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We are investigating this and will get back to you soon - thanks!

Can you try and see if you can access the video tutorials now? This should now be fixed. Thanks!

Is this supposed to be fixed? I am experiencing the same problem.

Hi @rwenderlich,

I would like to also view videos offline when I’m traveling and with no cellular coverage. So, would it be possible to download these files for offline viewing because as of now, it’s not possible.

It would also be nice to have a mobile version of your site where we can download tutorials and save them locally.


@perlguy As per our email discussion this is fixed now.

@schneck I see an email Brian sent you from our support desk that this is fixed for you too.

Please let me know if either of you are still having any troubles accessing your accounts. Best way to reach me is


Hi @puhgeh,

Our system is set up to allow for monthly access with online viewing only. You can view anything you want over the month from our entire catalog of videos, but we don’t allow downloading.

I’ll add your suggestion to our suggestion list along with your mobile suggestion as well so we can consider these ideas in future. :]


All is well; I can access the Videos and my Subscription info now. Thanks heaps.

I have the same problem, my early adopter subscription cancelled and cannot view videos (books are there). Sent Contact Form and email to support, but no fix yet. Please advise.

Mazen Kilani

@csweigart It’s very bad, happened that for me too, i want see my videos, i bought 02 march and i don’t have access to videos anymore :frowning:

@mazen_kilani and @fatface i had replied to both of you via email a while back about these issues and that your accounts were fixed, but I noticed I never responded here on the forum thread.

I wanted to comment for any other readers. If you have a subscription, but can’t see the videos, please contact us right away at so we can fix this for you. :]

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Yes, it’s a bug. If you want your list back, just click the little
“edit” link at the top of the subscriptions box, then set “number of
rows to display” to 3. You subscriptions should show up again.

Yes, it’s a bug. If you want your list back, just click the little
“edit” link at the top of the subscriptions box, then set “number of
rows to display” to 3. You subscriptions should show up again.

Hi! My subscription is still active, but I can’t watch subscriber only videos.
My subscription expires on 14/5/16 (cause i don’t wanna use auto-renew on my card) and today is the 4th.

Hi @andrewngkf,

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience here! We were doing some maintenance this morning that temporarily blocked several account from accessing their loot and videos. This has been resolved and I’ve confirmed your video access is active and will remain so until the end of your billing cycle (May 13).

Please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues.

Hello. Same issue here. Active yearly subscription but no access to subscriber videos. Thank you in advance for quickly resolving the problem.

Hi @athembiq,

I just sent you an email about this, but thought I’d post here as well. Everything is now fixed and you should have video access once you log in. :] Sorry for the inconvenience!

This was an account specific problem, not an issue of the site being down. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please be sure to contact me at immediately so that I can assist you.

I put in a message on the contact form regarding not having access to videos as well, but have not heard back. Has this been a pretty common issue?

Same here.
I can’t access video, but I always pay for month subscription.
Please check my account.

I bought video subscription’s half hour ago, but i don’t have access to watch video. can you help me please?

+1 Signed up an hour ago and can’t access videos.