Very NEW NEWBIE Question ! Rebuilding an SDK in XCODE 8.2.1 with no changes - IOS 9

Hello Everyone:

I’m definitely a Newbie in the App space. My first venture was to Purchase a Video Editor SDK, have it reskinned, create screenshots and icon, and then release to the iOS App Store. I have released the app in January 2017 and been playing with the marketing strategies for a few months now. I recently needed to update my metadata and I have in iTunes connect. ready for my very NEWBIE QUESTIONS… In order to release the new version for review, I need to “Submit your builds using Xcode 6 or later, or Application Loader 3.0 or later.” I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and have Xcode. I also have the sdk obviously. How do I simply rebuild the sdk (with no changes) in Xcode and upload into iTunes connect? Is there a simple tutorial on here or out there or can someone please list the steps. I am sure its not that difficult but I am currently quoting people to do this simple task. PLEASE HELP.