Veggie Saber tutorial, incremental development, not working

I’m trying to follow the Veggie Saber tutorial, up to the point in Positioning Objects Relative to your Floor where “If you play the scene in the Unity Editor with a PC VR headset, you can now see the following animations”.

Well, I don’t have a PC VR headset, just an Oculus Quest. I figured that once I reached this point in the tutorial, I’d be able to build the app, sideload it, and see the hands. Nope. Just a black screen.

I changed the Camera Background Type to Skybox to verify that I can see anything. Reloading the app does show the Skybox, and does show that HMD tracking is working. Still no hands, though.

I read in various forums that you have to add an App ID (Oculus > Avatar > Settings and Oculus > Platform > Settings) for controllers to show up. Which I did. Still no hands.


@robertbaruch Do you still have issues with this?

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