V6, Ch 13, change accessory of cell to detail disclosure


So i’m going through the V6 version of IOS apprentice. I’ve got to Ch 13 and am trying to update my cell to have a detail disclosure from the check mark. Despite making the change in the Attributes inspector to show ‘detail disclosure’ (or any other for that matter), there’s no change seen in my storyboard or in the simulator.

What can I do to make this happen?

Many thanks

It’s hard to say what might be going wrong without taking a look at your project :slight_smile: Could you please upload a ZIP file of your project somewhere and post a copy here so that I can take a look?

Fahim, between posts I’ve taken the solution from the end of the chapter and that works (well done you!), however my backup of my code corrupted and so I can’t share the code I was having problems with.

Thanks for offering your help but it seems this time I can’t take this any further.

Enjoying the book.

Thanks again


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