Updating Linked Entity Doesn't Update Sections

Hi, I’ve just been building an app based on the chapter 9 example (Multiple Managed Object Contexts).

However, my app uses two entities, instead of the one.

The Problem
The only problem is that if you edit an existing emoji’s category, it doesn’t trigger the table to update.
Edit I

However, after restarting the app the emoji will be in its correct section.
Edit II

Section Details
The EmojiCategory entity is used for the section count & titles which I think is set up correctly.
Fetch Request
Section Info

Problem Code?
I’ve pasted in the sections that I think may contain the problem. Any help spotting the issue would be greatly appreciated! It follows the sequence from ‘prepare for segue’ in the root VC, to editing the emoji in the next VC, & then passing the emoji back to the root VC to save. (I highlighted a few sections that I’m unsure about too.)

Root VC

Next VC

Back to the Root VC

@and1 Do you still have issues with this?

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