Unity freezes when importing package from chapter 1

I have Blender v2.79 installed and Unity v2017.3.0f3. I started importing the unity package from chapter 1 and my Unity completely freezes. I had to kill the Unity editor from task manager and every time I try to start the Bobblehead Wars project, it starts importing small assets but freezes when it gets to a .blend file. I have tried restarting Blender several times, but no effect. I am stuck.

That sounds like a weird issue. Try re-installing both Unity and Blender then try re-importing. Hopefully it’s just a slight configuration issue.

I just re-installed Blender, but have to start over on the project. Do you think it matters that Unity is installed on my C: drive and Blender is on D:?

It shouldn’t be any issue at all. Definitely let me know what you discover. Cheers!

What happens if you fully uninstall blender and try to open the project?
It should open up the project and skip the .blend files.

Also, can you try installing the 64-bit version of Blender 2.97 to your c-drive just to be sure? I couldn’t find where Unity looks for the installation of Blender.

If you save the Blender starting scene .blend file in the Assets folder of an empty Unity project, does it still freeze?


The issue was with the Blender installation. I had installed Blender prior to buying your book using Steam. I completely uninstalled it from Steam and used the msi installer from the Blender website. The project imported without error after that. Seems like Unity cannot find Blender when installed from Steam. Thank you for the support!

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