Unable to view the book inspite of being a subscriber

When i go into “My account” , all I see is a link to “Forum” but no link to “View”. Appreciate help in resolving this issue

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I have the same issue :expressionless:

I believe it won’t be available until next week. Video tutorials will appear first, followed by the corresponding ebook chapters.


Hi @shruti, @stocki, and @jch.

Yes, the book is not ready yet. The book is currently in the works and the first early access version is not yet available. Once it becomes available, then a download link will appear on your loot page so you can access the book.

In the mean time, we are releasing our iOS 10 screencasts with the first one coming out today here. Enjoy! :]


Waiting and Excited … :slight_smile:

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How soon will the book?

Good news - the first 3 chapters are now available!

We’re hard at work on the next batch of chapters, so stay tuned for more early access releases soon! :]

On 26 July 2016 received email “Thank you for preordering iOS 10 by Tutorials!”. On 28 July could not find in “My Loot” although other book in order was available. On 29 July send message to your contact as follows…

I received an email from you indicating that the first 3 chapters of iOS 10 by Tutorials was available. I went to My Loot and the book does not appear. The order was actually under thomasleeevans@icloud.com rather than thomasleeevans@me.com. Could that be the issue? Remember, they are the same email account…

I had sent notice to you by replying to the original email, but have received no answer.

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.

Thanks Tom

Received the following from support@razeware.com

**Hi Tom, **

No, the order was linked to your account since the other book from that order is appearing in your loot. Something funky is going on here beyond my own fixing powers, so I’m going to have Brian take a look at this. He’ll get this fixed up for you and send you an email as soon as the book is properly linked to your loot page.

**Sorry for the inconvenience! **

Kind regards,

Send email on 1 August…

As of 3:30 PM today, still no book. Do you have a quess when I should look for it to finally arrive?


No response

Send email on 3 August…

2nd Request….

Do you have a quess when someone will look into this issue and I will finally receive access to the book? I bought it early for the early access to chapters.


No response

Can someone at raywenderlich.com please fix the issue?