Ultra-wide monitor experiences?

I am in desperate need for a new monitor for iOS development. I am seriously considering an ultra-wide monitor to help me feel less cramped when I am developing with Xcode, especially in my complex storyboards. In case it helps set the scene, I primarily do business application development for iPads, and most of my layout has to do with business forms such as invoices, statements, detail account cards, etc. I end up with large storyboards with many different options available to the end customer.

My base machine for work is a MacBook Pro, which I currently use with 1 or 2 additional monitors depending on wether I am in the corporate office or at home. I also do some development work on 27" iMac. I have 1 nice monitor, a Dell U2715H which I do like, but it was expensive when I bought it and it works fine, but I still feel cramped in my iOS development.

If anyone has any experience with the ultra-wide displays and iOS development, I would truly appreciate it if you would share your thoughts about this type of monitor with me, and the rest of the community.

Thanks in advance!

  • Kat

I have a U2715H also - great monitor! I wish I had one at work also, where I have a ThinkVision Pro2840m, a 4k display. It’s kind of pointless because I use it in 27" resolution anyway - 2560x1440 - the physical size is too small for full 4k resolution.

I did once have two 27" Cinema Displays - side-by-side it was just too wide, my neck got tired.

I have thought for a couple of years that the 34" 21:9 monitors like LG 34UM95 would be absolutely ideal for development. A wide Xcode with plenty of room beside it for simulator AND source control/image editor? yes please!

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