I’m using @hollance’s excellent tutorial and adapting for my own needs. I’m currently working through cheklists and wondering about this. When you have the disclosure indicator as the the little i in the circle and als othe chevron, they appear to be for more display purposes and not actually buttons? For my particular situation my tableview shows teams. I wanted the little i to take me to information about that team and a click on the actual row to take me to another list of players in that team. Is there something within the iOs that meets my need here or would I need a custom tableviewcell?

The (i) is definitely a button. The > is there to show you that tapping the row leads to another screen. It’s probably less necessary than 5 years ago, since people know that tapping a row usually does something. :wink:

So I’m good to use that disclosure idicator and I can have two different segues from the same row essentially?

That’s pretty much what the Checklists app does already. There is a segue attached to the accessory button, and we handle taps on the cell itself differently.

In your case, you wouldn’t use the table view delegate stuff to handle taps on the cell, but you’d add a segue to the cell itself.

So indeed you have two segues then: one on the cell and one on the accessory button.

Thanks, maybe I’m not that far enough into the tutorial! I am just working through this now :slight_smile: