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Good morning all, I have an issue that I cannot figure out. My self.navigationController is throwing an exception with a nil value when I call the below method. However, calling a similar method for FaceBook works just fine. Any thoughts? I also have tried the below code to initialize the navController. I have also tried to just do with no luck. One other thing I was able to load a tweet into my app from a user ID, so I know the TWTR SKD is functional. Really racking my brain on this for the past two days.

Used this to initialize the navController. self.navController = UINavigationController.init(rootViewController: self)

let composer = TWTRComposer()

composer.setText(“just setting up my Twitter Kit”)
composer.setImage(UIImage(named: “twitterkit”))

// Called from a UIViewController self.navigationController!) { (result)in
** if (result == .done) {**
** print(“Successfully composed Tweet”)**
** } else {**
** print(“Cancelled composing”)**
** }**

@jjazad Thanks very much for your question!

I think the problem lies in your initialization of your navController:

self.navController = UINavigationController.init(rootViewController: self)

Where is this line being initialized? What precisely is “self”? If this is being done in your AppDelegate, then perhaps this is your error.

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