TVML Apps Section

I just finished going through all the TVML sections of the new book and it was simply outstanding. I feel like I received a soup to nuts understanding of all the atomic components & deployment methods for deploying tvOS TVML-based Apps using all best practices. Additionally, Apple has done a great job with the 18 “templates” and bolting it all together; it’s shocking how quickly you can create a Netflix style app with all the bells and whistles… Thanks so much to all who put in so much work and the use of their talents on this great instructional resource.

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Thanks very much for your kind words. I feel that TVML gets a fairly bad press, since as you correctly identified you can create really powerful apps really simply.

The templates and frameworks from Apple are actually pretty good, but unfortunately the documentation that accompanies them isn’t all that great. The aim for this section of the book was to demonstrate the viability of TVML, and hopefully we’ve managed to achieve that.

Glad you are enjoying the book - best of luck launching your first TVML-based app!