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Hi Guys!

Not sure if I am doing it at the right place or if it is allowed at all.

Im following for a while now and i like it a lot, great info!

Now to the point:
My name is Chris,
I am a student Software Engineering at Amsterdam University.
Currently doing an internship as iOS developer.

For my study it is mandatory to do a researchpaper (this is not final thesis yet)

Would anybody know about a good iOS related topic to do my research about?

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@chris Swift vs. Objective-C is always a good topic to research about; Especially since the bulk of the industry are undergoing a transformative process from Objective-C to Swift. People will be interested!

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Hi Kelvin,

Good suggestion, but maybe it is a little to general.
Have you ever stumbled upon something interesting during iOS development?

Thanks for you input!


Hey Chris! Maybe talk about the history of iOS Development? Maybe write about Chris Lattner? (dude that created the Swift language) I hope these ideas help a little. Let us know what you decide on writing about! Best regards!

I am providing a link of the latest software engineering project topics i think it will help u.
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I like it! Hope you will write it great!