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Top 10 iOS Conferences in 2018

Check out the top 10 iOS conferences in 2018, based on input from the iOS community!

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I’m surprised that http://swiftsummit.com/ didn’t make the list.

Why UIKonf is both nr 6 and in “honorable mentions” section? Is it this good? :slight_smile:

@tobol Fixed. Thanks!

Being the largest macOS/ iOS conference in Europe, https://macoun.de is also worth a mention imho.

There’s also https://www.appbuilders.ch which seems to have pretty good iOS speaker list. But yeah, it’s multi-platform.

There is also Let Swift Conference in South Korea. Let'Swift : 스위프트 컨퍼런스

Also there is SwiftConf in Cologne, Germany :slight_smile:

Another iOS (but also interdisciplinary) conference that was missed is ADDC - App Design & Development Conference (iOS, Android, UX, UI) in Barcelona, Spain.

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