There is no Video folder at the Downloaded Material

Hi there!
I was checking the newest tutorials from the VR/AR week and I had downloaded the package that came in the link provided. However, there is no video folder and i can`t find the 360 video anywhere.

He is the link that I had downloaded:

I did have bought the e-book but didn`t have time to check if there is a video folder too.

@blackdragonbe Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi guys,
I actually have no material whatsoever, I noguth the bundle and have two books def, but no source code / material to work with !!

Hi everyone, its been almost a month and no one answered my question.

I bought the Unity AR/VR bundle and when I go to downloads all I get is the books, no materials!!

A text file in the download says I have to look for these three files :


Where are they? I cannot find them on the download page!!

@rafaelriva @muaddib Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated. I have forwarded this to the book team. They will contact you soon. Thanks again!

Hi @rafaelriva, it seems the video was too large to be included in the book downloads. You can grab the video from this links:

Sorry for the inconvenience - and thanks for letting us know!

@muaddib: Head to the bottom of the page at where you downloaded the book, and make sure you’re logged in to your account.

You’ll see a download section with the three parts:


Each of those corresponds to one of the three sections for the downloadable content.

Sorry for the confusion! Let us know how you get along with the downloaded content.


Ok got it .
you guys should clarify this better, cos the instructions are way different.