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Just an FYI, the changes did not work correctly when I typed Cmd-R until I did Product → Clean Build Directory followed by Cmd-R

I’m not sure how this instruction works with the new XCode 13.2.1. my .alert code is:

.alert("Hello there!", isPresented: $alertIsVisible) {
          Button("Awesome!") {
        } message: {
            let roundedValue = Int(sliderValue.rounded())
            Text("The Slider's value is \(roundedValue).\n"+"You earned \(game.points(sliderValue: roundedValue)) points.")

How does it work with this set up?

I found how it’s supposed to look on the course’s Github: video-yfsa2-materials/ContentView.swift at versions/2.0 · raywenderlich/video-yfsa2-materials · GitHub