The Swift Programming Language Book Video Edition

(not an app announcement, but Swift education-related so hopefully ok)

I completed a project to make video presentations of the Swift Programming Language Book (the version from, published under the Creative Commons attribution license). It is my hope these may be useful for education or review while on the treadmill.

My production resulted in 10.5 hours of videos including:

  1. “A swift tour”
  2. All 28 chapters of the “Language Guide” (The basics through advanced operators)
  3. “Attributes” from the “language reference”

Monetization off: no ads (I do have “end tiles” for next video, playlist, and subscribe)

My slides are at GitHub - darrellroot/Swift-Education-Slides: A place for Swift programming language instructors to share slide decks
I welcome pull requests with additional Swift (and iOS/macOS) education slides.

Below are the links to the playlist and individual videos. Share and enjoy!


Full playlist 631 minutes

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