The subtitles are getting OFF while switching from lesson to lesson

Hello! I have a subscription for courses, but I also have got very annoying problem with disappearing the subtitles while autoswitching from lesson to lesson. The problem is Iā€™m watching your courses via the video projector and can not every time turn the subtitles on. I checked the problem on different notebooks and everywhere is all the same. So the problem is not on my side. The exact switches, on which the trouble appears:
For example:
When the lesson ( with subtitles are ON ends and the next one ( is loaded, the subtitles are suddenly OFF.
The same problem appears when you switch from the 8 lesson to 9

@alexoxol Do you still have issues with this?

Hi @alexoxol

Iā€™m sorry about this :frowning: Unfortunately, once the next video starts the settings return to the default so any subtitles or changes in playback speed will not apply.

Sorry for the inconvenience here. The engineering team are aware of this.