The source code file is strange

I recently borrowed an RxSwift book.
And now I want to start studying.
But the source code file is weird.
Each project is oddly divided, as I took a screenshot.
No more support?

스크린샷 2020-01-03 오후 3.33.16
스크린샷 2020-01-03 오후 3.33.18
스크린샷 2020-01-03 오후 3.36.12
스크린샷 2020-01-03 오후 3.36.16

Why no one answers??
I got download here.
Still Broken.

@usinuniverse The first chapter of the book explains how to work with the book source code using both CocoaPods and Carthage. Please let us know if you have any other questions or issues about the whole thing. Thank you!

@shogunkaramazov know that explains how to work with this book. But you can’t see starter folder? It contains RxPlayground, rxplayground-1. And final folder is contains RxPlayground, rxplayground-1. What is correct source code?? And rxplayground source code is not contains
It’s completely messed up.
Download the source code yourself. Make sure it is normal code.

Not sure why do you have two versions of RxPlayground folder.
Just downloaded from the link above, there is only one folder.

@konic Thank you for check. But still two version folder… I don’t understand. Could you give that .zip file? plz.

Done as 3 zip files.

@konic Thankyou! You’ve been very helpful to me.

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