Testing self-hosted service's API wrapper and second, more complicated API

Hello everyone!

I was never good at testing networking code, because most of my networking projects were too simple to test its networking tasks (overall they were simple, I am starting with bigger projects now).

Now, I am facing a bigger projects, where I need to wrap an API of self-hosted service and I don’t want to have external project to test it, I want to test it where it should be - in Tests folder. I decided to not mock URLSession, but instead of that I have added to project docker-compose file with settings ready for testing. The problem is when I start all tests (CMD + U) most of the tests are failing, but when I run them individually, one by one they all pass. I am not sure if using semaphore here is a good choice, so I want to ask You what would You do with my issue. I am using Combine (at least I am trying to use it, I am pretty new in reactive programming and even after reading book about Combine I still doesn’t feel it to use it in the whole project).

And when we are talking about testing APIs, I would like to ask You one more thing. I am writing a project, which again will use 3rd party API, but here the huge problem is that API is unpredictable, I have to manually acquire 4 tokens (one after one, where the last is the one that I need, rest are just “verification process” to get the last one). It throws different objects (and sometimes they’re nested just to annoy developers) and they can look like that:

struct Child {
    let name: String?
    let id: Int?
    let parent: String?
    let url: String?

It’s just an example (all of these keys can be either present or absent). If I Child is nested in other object, it contains only ID and URL, but when I call that URL I am getting everything except URL (it’s in JSON, but it’s outside of that object).
That API has a lot of dependencies and weird behaviors. I would love to see some tips in testing and just in developing that wrapper.

Most of You will probably ask why I am doing that:

  1. Applications for iOS of these two are just bad and I want to write them in my way with Swift (none of them are using it, especially the second API where its app is just wrapped web application which works horrible).
  2. I don’t have any other ideas for apps useful for me :man_shrugging:
  3. I have a lot of time for development and I can’t find job (I don’t have any real experience).

Sorry for putting two questions in single topic, but I think that it will be better than separating that on two different topics.


@iriusturar Do you still have issues with this?

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