Testing in iOS - Part 27: Multidevice UI Testing | Ray Wenderlich

Some UI tests on iPhones won't work on iPads. This video gives you strategies on dealing with the issue.

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I’m getting this error message:

return UIDeviceOrientationIsPortrait(XCUIDevice.shared.orientation)

“‘UIDeviceOrientationIsPortrait’ has been replaced by property ‘UIDeviceOrientation.isPortrait’”

and when I changed it:

 return UIDeviceOrientation.IsPortrait(XCUIDevice.shared.orientation)

"Type ‘UIDeviceOrientation’ has no member ‘IsPortrait’

Why is this and why am I getting this error when the tutorial is not? How do I fix it? Thanks

Capital I should be lowercase i ?

Thanks sgerrard but I tried that and had no luck.

Maybe it is an instance property now, not a class property.

See if you can get somewhere with

return XCUIDevice.shared.orientation.isPortrait