TapEra! new addictive game

Hello guys,
This is my first app, I released it three weeks ago and I’d love to hear your opinion about it.
It’s a simple game which has a button that appears randomly on the screen, each time you tap it the timer (the red line at the top) resets, the goal Is to reach the highest score you can.
According to your score the button gets smaller and the time ends faster so you need to tap faster and faster.
You can collect coins that appear randomly and you can buy boosts with the coins.
The first boost makes the time go slower, another boost makes the button bigger and the last boost doubles the score.
Please give it a try and let me know what you think.
Thank you.

Link to my app:

Wow very nice game man! I think you need to add a server and add an online mode also. Besides of that, looks very good :slight_smile:

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