Tap Transcend: Rebirth - a new style of idle game

Hey guys,

We launched Tap Transcend: Rebirth last week! It has gotten some good feedback over at toucharcade.com receiving a front page news article as well as being on the top 10 hot games since launch (even peaking at the #1 spot at times)!

The game is an idle/clicker with a twist: turn-based strategic combat. Build up your universe from scratch and then develop an arsenal of spacecraft to battle in space! There is a story map to progress through as well as an active PvP ranking system to battle other players.

AppStore link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1077959856


Please let us know what you think!

This is a really interesting game, nice concept to start from absolutely nothing.

There might be a bug - I have 1.38e5 registered at the top of the screen but My Tap Rate lvl 5 upgrade shows it will become available at 7.77e3. What do you think?

aeberbach - thanks for checking the game out!

That is rather weird, the checks should happen automatically. Is this still a problem for you or did it fix itself?
I will look deeper into this if it is still a problem for you.


I think maybe it is my fault in expecting the number to mean something that it does not!

I’m really impressed with this game - is it a solo effort? There’s an awful lot of work in there, the research alone must have taken you as much time as most apps.

Thanks for the kind words aeberbach.

We are really a team of 3, but I am the only programmer. We definitely did a lot of research, and with our combined educational background it wasn’t too hard to get all the facts straightened out!

The game is really the sequel to our first incremental game: Tap Transcend.
We decided to give the game a sequel since it was our biggest success so far in the App Store.

We have so many future updates planned out for the game! Hopefully the universe will give us the chance to see this dream come true.