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Hi @isaacmendez, I’ve just noticed that there are no assets in the starter project

Hey thanks for pointing this out - there should be a fix pushed for this shortly. You can still grab the assets from the completed project. Thank you! :-]

Has there been an update to this? The asset pack does not contain images, or should we provide our own?

Hey @erikb42 - there have a been a few updates. I have added the images for you now and they are awaiting publication to the site. For the time being though you can grab these assets in the completed project files for this episode or add your own image assets to project if you wish.

I am not quite sure about Text can work without some keyword but image must add. Why is that. I think they are all view thought

I’m not 100% sure what you mean maomao sorry. The components are all Views under the hood though yes. Laurie.