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Learn different ways to use SwiftUI property wrappers to manage changes to an app’s data values and objects.

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This remains an outstanding piece, thank you. Beginning in iOS 15, we can use @FocusedState to set the focus. Consulting some other resources, I created an enum at the top of the AddThingView struct:

enum FocusedField {
    case shortText, longText

I also added an @FocusState property:

@FocusState private var focusedField: FocusedField?

The body of AddThingView now looks like this:

var body: some View {
    VStack {
      TextField("TIL", text: $short)
        .focused($focusedField, equals: .shortText)
        .task { self.focusedField = .shortText }
                "Thing I Learned",
                text: $long,
                onEditingChanged: { _ in },
                onCommit: { saveAndExit() }
      .focused($focusedField, equals: .longText)
      Button("Done") {
    .onSubmit {
                if focusedField == .shortText {
                    focusedField = .longText
                } else {
                    focusedField = nil

This works to get a blinking cursor into the first field when the view loads, but it still doesn’t pop the keyboard. I think that’s a known issue.

— Susannah

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FocusedState was to be my question.
Thank you Susannah for your code on this.

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Glad to hear it helped!