SwiftUI Maps & Location: Fundamentals, Episode 3: Interact with a Map | Kodeco

This episode covers some of the basics of map interaction and what you can do to enable or disable them.

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For Junior developers you guys recommend SwiftUI or UIKIT. I am very confusing ,can you please help.

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Are you asking specifically about which framework to use for maps? UIKit still has more capabilities, but if you only need what SwiftUI provides then it’s fine to use for maps as well.

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Thanks @sukumar4039 for your question and for sharing your issue on the forum. We hope that Catie’s response helped clear up any confusion you had. Should you have any more inquiries or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.We’re here to help.

Thank you, @catie, for your prompt and helpful response to the question. Your expertise and assistance are greatly appreciated!