SwiftUI Apprentice

Hello, I am just looking at the newest version of IOS Apprentice the UIKIT Apprentice. It talks about SWIFTUI Apprentice. I would like to continue with swift UI. But I don’t see that book in your catalog.

Thanks for the future answer.

Hi @derekm, if you’re interested in SwiftUI you might find the SwiftUI by Tutorials book helpful :smile:.


@derekm You have eagle eyes! :] We are currently working on a new book called SwiftUI Apprentice, which is a lot like UIKit Apprentice in that it’s oriented toward complete beginners, but of course it uses SwiftUI instead of UIKit. We haven’t announced the release date of the SwiftUI Apprentice yet, but the authors are making great progress so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

When the book is released, it will be free for all raywenderlich.com Ultimate subscribers :]

As Gina mentioned, in the meantime you can read SwiftUI by Tutorials (which is oriented toward experienced UIKit developers looking to pick up SwiftUI).

@derekm Please check out our SwiftUI Apprentice book when you get a chance:


I hope it helps!

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