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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Swift Package Manager (SPM) to create, update and load local and remote Swift Packages.

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In this example only the Swift Package is under source control. How would that work with multiple developers? Would you have to have something like a nested git repo (not sure if that possible) so that other developers wouldn’t have to create their own apps to test new code for the package?

Hi DouglasCobb, A swift package is under source control to share with multiple apps (multiple developers). Let’s say you build a cool custom UIButton and publish this button as a Swift Package. The repo is just organizing the package and allowing distribution as a dependency in multiple developers apps (Xcode/App/Bundles). For example, your custom button would become a dependency (SPM) package in a weather app/bundle, heart rate monitor app/bundle, etc.

The creator of the package tests , regression test the package , possibly with a separate app or within the package.

I hope I understood your question and this helped.