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Swift Apprentice Updated for Swift 4

Swift Apprentice has been completely updated for Swift 4 as part of our iOS 11 Launch Party!

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Thanks for the ePub version guys. Great book and great work. Keep it up. You make us proud :]

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This is great! Just FYI, on your store page you have Swift 4 under the ‘Language’ heading, but in your description you have ‘Learn How to Program in Swift 3.’ Just thought you’d like to update to avoid confusion.

Thanks again for the upgrade there, it’s super handy for those of us that bought this last year. :slight_smile:

Thanks @anneste! We’re really excited to be able to offer an ePub version…finally!

Hey @cupofjoey — I’ve updated this. Thanks for the catch, and I hope you enjoy the updates to this year’s edition!

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Good. But why “author” filled with By XXX & By YYY instead of XXX & YYY ? It’s… unusual to say at least.

@vikarti That looks like an odd artifact of the epub production process. I’ll raise this internally as an issue. Thanks for the tip!

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