Swift Apprentice Purchase = International Transaction Fee?

I paid for the Swift Apprentice online with my bank mastercard (Bank of America) and on my account I was charged $54.99 for the purchase and then I was charged $1.65 for an ‘internation transaction fee’.

That doesnt make sense at all? Any info on why this happened??? There didnt seem to be a forum category for book purchases so I thought this was the best place. Thanks!

It seems a bit strange since books/subscriptions etc. are sold from the U.S. in U.S. dollars - but I think the problem might lie with the bank… I have never heard of this before.

yeah i just wanted to make sure that it was a local transaction somehow, it sounded weird to me.

can anyone tell me if the processor for the transaction is abroad and not in the U.S.? I called Bank of America and got the charge reversed but he said, even if its in US dollars if the processor is abroad, that handles the transaction, it will come up as a foreign transaction fee.

Maybe someone can look this up or find out whats going on here? I imagine that others might have been charged this fee and not realized it…

@csweigart Can you please answer this one when you actually get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@shogunkaramazov thanks for bringing this to my attention! :]

@geeksweep We use a third party, Paddle, to process payments on our site which is located in the UK. We’ve moved to this new payment platform in January of this year, so that’s why you might not have seen this issue if you had purchased something from us before since the company we had used previously is in the US. Some bank cards do charge a foreign transaction fee because the company receiving payment is outside the US. Sorry for the confusion here!

@csweigart Thank you for taking care of this one - much appreciated! :]

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