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I’ll be “that guy”, but I really do wish that more of this content was unlocked, available, or deeply discounted for subscribers. Most specifically I’d like to see the RWDevCon video content as a regular part of the subscription, much like Apple Developers can view WWDC content after the fact.


Even though I just paid for the 1/2 price deal, that was my thought when I read this-

Note from Ray
This week Vicki and I are in Dallas, Texas visiting the first ever Alt-U class - lots of fun so far! I didn’t win the WWDC lottery this year, so after this I’ll be back home in Virginia for a while. I’ll miss you all you lucky winners in SF, but I must admit I look forward to watching the videos this year at 2x speed from the comfort of my couch. :]

@jishosan Thanks very much for your question! has a policy where the previous years RWDevCon materials become available for free once the current one takes place. I understand your frustration for not gaining full access as a subscriber, but the only thing I can say is that a lot of work goes into producing each conference, and unfortunately RW does not have the same level of resources as Apple to release all content for free to all subscribers once it is available. :frowning: This is why, at the very least we release all of the content to the public once the current years RWDevCon takes place. We do what we can :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!