Stumped about 1 sentence in checklists

hi guys

“Also connect the Done button to the doneBarButton outlet and uncheck its Enabled option.” (pg 363 in the PDF)

i cannot figure this out at all and i suspect it might be why my app is crashing now - is there some further reference to how i do this earlier in the tutorial? or am i being completely stupid in not understanding it?

any help greatly appreciated

Yes, how to hook up a view element to an outlet has been explained before :slight_smile: Since this is just a repetition of what went before no additional details were given here. You simply need to switch to the storyboard in Xcode and then control-drag from the button to the yellow circle above the scene where the button is. This has been explained before. You might need to go through the earlier tutorial (the one for Bull’s Eye) if you are not familiar with how to do this.

The options for the button would be under the Attributes inspector. That is where you would uncheck the Enabled option.

As far as the crash goes, neither of those items should result in a crash. So I can’t tell you why your code crashes. But if you want to upload a ZIP file and provide a link, I can take a look and see what is going on.

thanks for the reply - i will figure it out and probably learn more that way than anything else - thanks again

ok i think i figured it all out - can you confirm something for me?

the done button has to be connected to an outlet so we can set it’s initial state from code before we show the detailview yes? i was trying to figure out why it is handled differently from the cancel button and this was what i came up with


Yep, that’s it :slight_smile: You don’t need an outlet unless you need to change a setting on a button (or any other view for that matter) from code.

thanks for the time and the course :slight_smile:

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