Stuck on an ERROR for a week: Need eyeballs please!

iOS apprentice page 247 (book), I’m trying to run the app and understand what is happening, but I get this error. I have walked away all week going back to where I started from last “Run” and everything looks according to the book. I need a fresh pair of eyes or someone to tell me what this is saying? Thank you!

Have you actually set the ChecklistItem identifier for the table view cell in the storyboard?

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Yes, thanks. I deleted the file and started all over again on this chapter.

When is Swift Apprentice 4 and iOS Apprentice 4 coming out?

Please post your UITableView code and also the storyboard view. It’s Hard to understand what is specifically wrong without seeing the code.

That said, the error message tells you exactly what’s wrong. Either the cell reuse id has not been properly set or the cell’s class has not been identified so that the complier can find it.

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