Stuck at the beginning on Page 36

Don’t seem to understand “adding an app icon”.

It talks about a RESOURCE folder. I do not see that.
I did find the Assets.xcassets folder under the GeometryFighter folder and I clicked on appIcon. That works okay. Then it says "drag each file from the RESOURCE folder to the appropriate spot. I don’t understand what that means.
I I tried to drag GameViewController.swift to the iPhone 2x empty box and nothing happened. I tried to drag the other files in the GeometryFighter folder to the 2x for 3x empty boxes, but again, nothing happens.

The result I am supposed to get is the iPhone and iPad boxes are filled with an image that says Geometry Fighter.

How do I get that result?

@chrislanguage Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

I got this one resolved. One must download the source files from the website. The Resources directory is in those and so are the icons I was looking for.

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