Starting in Swift and not stay in Objective-c

A couple of years ago i started working in Objective-c.
Did some trainings because i wanted to know more.

Now i see that all the tutorials are in Swift.

What is now the best thing i can do.
Stay iObjectie-c or start learning working in Swift.


It’s up to you. Objective C is still an active language; it’s still supported by Apple. We don’t write many tutorials in it here as we’re not a large team and have limited time, but you can still use it.

What’s more, the two languages can be used side-by-side in projects. If you wanted to learn Swift, you can write new sections in your projects in Swift rather than rewriting the projects from scratch.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve decided to start learning Swift.
The idea that you suggested i a good idea.
Keep my current project and put a little Swift in it.
I’ll work in that order en read a lot on this website.
I also will do a 2 day course where i learn the basic of Swift.