Starter project errors chapter 6

Just when I thought you got this book straightened out, I get to chapter 6 and come to a grinding halt. First of all, it starts with this
“The starter project for this chapter is nearly identical to the final one from Chapter 6 ”
Except this IS chapter 6.
Then if we copy and add the required new files as directed, we cannot compile the project because there is a reference in the code to a FlightInformation object which generates the following error
cannot find type 'FlightInformation' in scope

I was so hopeful that the third edition would finally be the one to correct all previous issues but I guess I was wrong.

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Yeah, seems like Chapter 6 project has unrelated classes. UserManager is actually PurchasedFlights class, maybe UserManager class got lost in some merge :confused:

As workaround you can import the classes of Settings, UserManager from project in Chapter 08


Hi @mwbeatty! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will cross post this to the SwiftUI tutorial errata. Please let us know if @eduardovaca’s work around helped.


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Thanks for the tip @eduardovaca it got me going again.

Hi everyone, it looks like a merge conflict corrupted a few files, in this and a couple other chapters. I’m fixing this, hopefully I’ll post an update by tomorrow.

Sorry for the problem…

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@mwbeatty @eduardovaca I’ve just pushed an update which should fix this issue and other similar ones in the following chapters. Just to be sure I’ve compared all starter/final projects with the “original” ones I have locally, and I haven’t found any other issue.
Thanks a lot for your patience!


Just started Chapter 6,
but when I open the starter project of Chapter 6, the new files mentioned in the beginning of the chapter aren’t already added to the project.

When I browse the starter project in Finder, I found that the files are there though.

I have to manually add those files even I use the starter project.