Spritekit color sprite texture assignment error, xcode10 crash

I have an issue in Xcode 10, I am developing basic games on sprite kit and when I drag a color sprite to .sks file and give it an image, some images there is no problem, and some images there is a crash problem here, I am using images in 1x on asset catalog. I am using macBookPro 2017 not a virtual machine. Why this issue is happening?

I took a video screen and here is the link :

video link

I have the same problem. I downloaded Xcode 9.4.1

I have been encountering this too (I’m using Xcode 10.1). This is a known Xcode bug from what I have read. The solution that has worked for me is to bypass putting the images in the xcassets folder and instead creating your own folder (e.g. Images) and copying the game’s images to that. Works 100% of the time with no more crashes.

@latenightcoder Thank you for sharing the solution - much appreciated! :]

This remains an issue. I’m trying to fix my existing project to use a different folder but so far am having limited luck. I also can’t find anything on google as to what’s causing this. :confused:

@thomasvanderpol Do you still have issues with this?

The issue exists still, yes.

I worked around it by laboriously creating a new project and manually importing just the image files into a non asset directory.

I didn’t dig any further but suspect having the metadata files (the ones XCode puts there) in the import is what causes issues.