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Page 19 says “This book comes with complete source code for each of the chapters — it’s shipped with the PDF.” However when I downloaded the latest version of your PDF book from raywenderlich dot com, no source code came with the PDF or any URL to find the source code.

In the forums I found the URL

which does provide the source code but this is rediculous that I had to hunt for foundational information like this. Please update the book PDF.

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Hello Erik Smith, the link you provided offers a download which includes the source code of all projects. Just click the big orange button “Download” and that downloads a folder with all projects. If you still have problems provide more details where do you download the book from and what is included in the download file.

You didn’t understand my original post.

Hey Erik, indeed looking over your initial post it seems like I didn’t understand. It seems like you have failed to figure out how to download the book in first place (which I totally did not expect and got misled).

To download the book go to your profile on (you will need to use your username and password to login).

Then click on “My Products” and from your list of legally purchased products chose " RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift".

This will take you to the book page. Then, click on the big orange button saying “Download”, like on this picture:


This downloads a zip which contains the book and the projects.


When I was in a hurry, “All Book & Project Files” looked like a title for the other two options “ebook” and “pdf”, not a third possible selection. So I chose pdf. This still does not change the fact that the book does not contain a link to download source code.

Fantastic, glad we got this sorted out!

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