Sound not played and the app is crash

I finish chapter 5 and try the “Juiced” part to add sound and camera movement in bad move…
When i add this line to make a sound :
game.playSound(scnScene.rootNode, name:“SpawnBad”)
The app crashed (not find the file probably)

Can sombody can help ?
the file located under : GeometryFighter.scnassets/Sounds/Sounds Name …

Thanks in advance.

When I added collision sounds to physicsWorld(didBegin:), I simply passed ballNode as the first parameter to game.playSound():

game.playSound(node: ballNode, name: "Barrier")

I first tried to use contactNode, but I discovered that if this was a brick that was being immediately hidden, the sound would not play. It seems that you have to use a visible node to properly get an action executed on the node.