SOLVED - Tutorial 4, StoreSearch, v5.0 - First tap on cell doesn't show detail pop-up

On page 133, the instruction says: “Run the app again and tap a row to bring up the detail pop-up.”

I find that the first tap on any cell does not bring up the detail pop-up.
It’s not until I tap a second time, (on a different cell), that the detail pop-up is presented.

There are no errors or warnings in the code at this point, and no errors or messages presented in the console.
Behavior is the same on both the simulator and actual device.

Xcode Version 8.3.2
Deployment Target 10.3

Which function have you written to respond to tap events in the table?

There’s a function called tableView(: didSelectRowAt indexPath:) (or something closely resembling that) which you probably ought to be using. However, it can be easy to mistype something and have the auto-suggest feature come up with tableView(: didDeselectRowAt indexPath:) which only triggers when a cell stops being selected (e.g. if you tap on a second row instead).

If it turns out to not be that, can you paste the function you’ve written here? It’s difficult to guess what your code might be doing wrong without seeing any of it.

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narrativium, that is exactly what happened. You’re good!
I’m feeling kinda stupid right now, but it’s a pretty easy mistake to make, as you’ve described.
Thank you so much for your help.