[SOLVED] MyLocations Pins page 211 HELP

Hi, I’ve been doing these tutorials really well and I am finally stuck on the MyLocations tutorial on page 211 where you add the pins. I’ve checked and checked the code and remade the MapViewController multiple times even went as far back as part 4 and redid the locations tab and went all through to this page. For some reason i can not get the pins to drop down and show a location at all. Any common answer that i could be over looking or any way i can get some help with this will be greatly appreciated!

turns out my pins were there they were just landing at far locations on the map had to delete the saved file and reset the simulator to get it working correctly.

Yup, that happens. Although you can use gpx files to simulate your location even on the simulator, its real simple.

thanks, I’ll look into that :+1: