*Solved* MyLocations - Could not cast value of type 'UITableViewCellContentView' (0x1117781c0) to 'UILabel' (0x11176aca0)

I am on page 177 where you fake a single row with placeholder text in two labels. If I remove the declaration of the addressLabel, the app runs perfectly.

When I add the addressLabel back into it, run the app, and click on the Locations tab, it crashes and I receive this error:

Could not cast value of type ‘UITableViewCellContentView’ (0x1117781c0) to ‘UILabel’ (0x11176aca0)

I’ve tried deleting the labels and then re-adding them, but still get this crash when the addressLabel is included in the code.

If I remove it, the cell shows “If you can see this” and Address with no problems.

I was able to solve this by changing the tag to 102 instead of 101.

It sounds like tag 101 was on the wrong thing, on the cell’s content view rather than on the UILabel.

YUP! This is exactly the problem I had with the same error in a different place (pg. 23 & 24). Many thanks!