[Solved] Checklists: can't tap Due Date cell (pp 254-258)

I have run into a small problem and was hoping someone could help me out:

I’m currently working through the part where you add the external cell with the date picker, and override the data source methods for the table view. I have all the code and components in place (including willSelectRowAtIndexPath, which is set to return an indexPath object if section and row == 1 or nil if otherwise). However both on my phone and on my simulator, when I tap the row - nothing happens. User interaction is enabled for all cells, and selection is set to ‘default’

So far, I’ve tried allowing all rows to be tapped (again, nothing happens there), restarting from scratch, printing statements in willSelectRowAtIndexPath (no statements were printed, maybe there’s a clue here that I’m missing).

I tried running the sample solution code. That version doesn’t work either. That’s what led me here. (It’s a second time I’m going through the tutorial, so I know it worked previously)

Environment: XCode 7.3.1 (I also have the XCode 8 Beta 3 installed, with its simulators and tools - could that have anything to do with it?), OS X El Capitan, Macbook pro. I’m using the Swift 2.2 version of the tutorial.

Any suggestions, code or setup-wise would be greatly appreciated

Fixed. Not 100% sure on what exactly was causing the problem, but deleting the table view data source / delegate methods, cleaning project, restarting XCode and writing them anew seemed to help. The solution version built and functioned correctly after restart as well - possibly something went wrong internally within XCode.