[solved] Checklist Warning: Title set but using a system identifier

Hallo. I am at reusing the add view to display editItem. I get this warning:

MainStoryboard.storyboard: Title set but using a system Identifier (These attributes are mutually exclusive; the Title will be ignored)

I have already tried to delete the title in Main.storyboard and change the title in viewDidLoad from ItemDetailViewController. Same warning.
I copied the code ItemDetailViewController from the source. Same warning.

Any advice?

What do you mean? How did you “re-use” the add view?

I think this warning may be related to the title of a Bar Button Item, not the title of the view controller.

Sorry for my late reply!

@marciokoko: “re-use” add view → edit view = add view with a text :slight_smile:

@hollance: Do you mean that I have change the bar buttom item instead of to title of the view controller?

Yes, I think the warning message is saying that the Bar Button Item has a title but it also has a “system identifier” selected (such as Add or Done). In that case, it won’t use the title you gave it but the built-in title that goes with that “system identifier”.