(Solved) Ch 7 Warning: Conditional downcast from 'Error?' to 'NSError'

There are a couple places in CampgroundManager and CampgroundManagerTests where…

if let error = error as? NSError…

…results in the following compiler warning:

Conditional downcast from ‘Error?’ to ‘NSError’ is a bridging conversion; did you mean to use ‘as’?

Is there a good way to resolve this?


Apparently the solution was to change the line to…

if let error = error as NSError?


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Hi, Jerry!
If you use do-catch swift statement, for catching any errors you should type something like:

// Swift 3.1
do {
  try doSomethingWithPossibleErrors()
} catch let error as NSError {

, where catch construction expects error-type variable which you can use inside curly braces after catching. For instance, you can print out the error description like below.

fatalError("Error: \(error), Description: \(error.userInfo)")