Solitaire: Slide, not your typical solitaire

Last night my first app was approved and released to the App Store. I picked this project up just to see if I could do it. Thanks largely to the tutorials and books I have found on this site I’m really excited to say that, Yes, I can. I have some experience in several different programming languages but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around object oriented programming until I got through iOS Apprentice and followed it up with 2D Apple Games by Tutorials. Combining everything I learned from those two fantastic resources with game mechanics that I had already worked out resulted in what I believe to be a strong first effort.
I did some searching online and in the app store before I put this game together and I can’t seem to find anything else like it (although I remember playing it on an old flash games website years ago so I know it’s not a totally original idea). The basic idea is you slide the cards around on a 4x4 grid, covering up cards as you go with higher cards of the same suit. When all the cards have been dealt, you win. If you run out of spaces on the grid, you lose. I would like very much to get your feedback as I have a number of updates already planned and I’m working on the concept for my next submission which will also be my first attempt at a 3D game. Check it out here: Solitaire: Slide

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