SOLID Principles for iOS Apps |

SOLID is a group of principles that lead you to write clear and organized code without additional effort. Learn how to apply it to your SwiftUI iOS apps.

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Tutorials on frameworks and stuff is nice and all but I do enjoy posts on software architecture, design patterns/principles a lot more. Good tutorial. Thank you.

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I’m really delighted to hear that you enjoyed it. :]

Nice tutorial, I really enjoyed it! You really accomplished to cover a lot of real scenarios in a simple app.

Just a comment, the Liskov Substitution example was a little confusing to me, I feel it more like a defensive programming example. Introduce an Income object to the app it would be an example of it?


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Happy to know you enjoyed it :]

I tried to do as much research especially on Liskov substitution and It did feel like a form of defensive programming. But I’m not sure I understood your question. :slight_smile: would you elaborate on it a little?

I really liked the content, but I didn’t understand why we need to use Singleton for a Value type(ReportsDataSource)? Plus it would be nicer to use DI instead of Singleton because the content aims to increase testability indirectly.