Site tutorial UI/UX suggestion

I recently come across Apple’s official SwiftUI tutorial: Apple Developer Documentation

And I think their UI/UX is great, they place screenshot and code on the right side of the screen, and tutorial text on the left, also there’s a preview on the top right corner that is “toggleable”.
Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 9.47.37 PM

The always available code on the right side prevent the confusing of where the newly introduced code snippet should be added, which is a problem I faced on this site’s tutorial(very rarely though).

And I think placing screenshot on the right side can reduce the amount of scrolling when we need to view both the text and screenshot.

I think we can take insight from Apple’s style.

Hi @pantsz! :grinning: Apple’s design is always great to look at. Thank you for the suggestion. The team is always open to feedback. Hope you have a great day.