Sign in with Apple ID Website Issues

Going through the chapter I was successful at getting sign in with Apple ID on iOS. During the setting up the website portion I see the apple signing dialog enter my system password but always get the message “Sign Up Not Complete” thinking it was a error where I wrote the wrong code somewhere I used the final code and the exact same issue is taking place. I’m not seeing any errors in the console on the web or inside Xcode.

Any pointers on where to look for this?

Do you get the Sign Up Not Complete error in the system dialog for SIWA?

Yes it was in the system dialog. It’s no longer doing that. I keep getting an unauthorized JSON error response back now.

Could this be the same issue I described here?

It is possible that is the same issue. I tried running the books source and same issue.

This has been reported Chapter 24: Empty cookies dictionary when appleAuthCallbackHandler(_:) as well - I suspect Apple have changed something and broken it so I’ll do some digging